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Curriculog - Curriculum Management System

Curriculog automates our curriculum approval processes, facilitating collective review and communication about the curriculum across campus.   

Accessing the System

If you are reading this, you are not actually in the system; you are simply on the welcome page.

To enter the system, please click login on the toolbar in the upper right corner. If you have Oneonta credentials (username, password), you should not need to enter them again. 



You are about to activate this agenda.

Once you have activated this agenda, all the proposals will become available for viewing by the other participants on this step. You may make changes at any time by deactivating the agenda. This will remove the proposals from other participants' task lists. Then make any changes and launch it again.

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You are about to deactivate this agenda.

While this agenda is deactivated, its proposals will no longer be available for viewing by the other participants on this step. You make any changes to this agenda now and activate it at any time.

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You are about to delete this agenda.

Once you delete this agenda, any proposals attached to it will be released and available for placement on other agendas.

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You are about to archive this agenda. It will be maintained in the database for reporting purposes, but will no longer appear in your agendas list.

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You must be logged in, in order to approve.

Listed below are the symbols and colors utilized in Curriculog:

  • = has not made a decision
  • = approved
  • = rejected
  • = held
  • = suspended
  • = cancelled
  • = multiple decisions
  • = task
  • = mine
  • = stuck
  • = urgent, out of date import source